NEPEZCON 2020- Bus Trip to American Dream Complex

NEPEZCON 2020- Bus Trip to American Dream Complex!

Are you ready for an adventure? For 2020 we are going big! We are taking the NEPEZCON Bus Trip to “The American Dream” Entertainment Complex in New Jersey. They will have over 350 stores, 100 Dining Options, Amusement Park, 18 hole mini golf course, Water Park, Ice Skating Rink, Ski Slope and Ski Lodge, Aviary, Bunny Ranch, Aquarium and Lego Land. It will be one of the largest malls in the U.S.

Best of all you can shop it the largest ItSugar store. The store will be 25,000 square feet covering three floors in the mall. They will have 500 square feet of PEZ with a special PEZ dispenser like display case with vintage PEZ on display. It will be HUGE!

The bus will leave the Sheraton Stamford Hotel at 8AM on April 30th, 2020. You will arrive at the mall when it opens. You will have about 6 hours to take in all of the sights before boarding the bus for the return trip to Stamford at 4PM. Cost is $29 per seat-driver tip included. Seats are limited.

NEPEZCON 2020! Progress

We have been busy since we got home. We unpacked, sorted out things and started work on next years big 2020 NEPEZCON & Funko Fest. Most important thing, contract signed for next year, the PEZ convention logo is done, PEZ convention logo dispensers done and packaged. We are finishing up things on the web site and agenda.

(6-26) Convention logo pins ordered and in process of being made! COOL!

Theme hint! PEZ Uncle Sam!