Yikes! NEPEZCON Early Reg deadline is coming!

Yikes is right…  The deadline for early registration for the 19th Annual Northeast PEZ Convention is coming-it’s sooner than you think!

Now there are 2 reasons to remember April 15th, tax deadline and NEPEZCON early registration deadline.

Don’t forget, the date has been moved to June 22-24th this year but we are at the same hotel as last year, Sheraton Stamford Hotel.  Much nicer weather and away from all of the holidays that we had to compete with in prior years.  We will have a “blast” this year!

To register you can go to our web site and print up the registration form and mail it in or just click and pay with credit card in our secure web store.

For hotel registration make sure you either call the hotel directly (mention “PEZ Group” to get special rate) or use the booking link on our web site.  I heard one person made the mistake and the regular rate is $179 per night.  So, make sure you book under the group.

Don’t forget there are so many things to do while at the convention.  You can check out some of Connecticut attractions, most famour would be the PEZ Visitors Center.  Or you might want to go to NYC.  It’s just a train ride away.  Either way, you will have a PEZtastic time at the NEPEZCON.

Visit our web site at www.NEPEZCON.com or www.PezConvention.com

NEPEZCON 2017-update

Hi Everyone, We have been busy getting things in motion for 2017. Lets see, our 2017 NE PEZ Con dispenser is done and packed for the convention. We have a couple other exciting dispensers ready for 2017. We have some stuff in stock already for the goodie bags, getting that stuff together now. The Convention logo pins have been ordered and due to be here shortly. Our 2018 20th Anniversary logo dispenser (our design) is in the works, we are waiting for that to come in.
Lastly, convention registration is now open. Plus we now can take credit cards-How cool! How easy to register! Time to start planing for your 2017 Pezcation to the NE PEZ Con!

NE PEZ Convention 2017 – Pezcation


Ready to plan your “Pezcation”?  What, you don’t know what that is?  A “Pezcation” is a PEZ Convention and family vacation wrapped up together!  Come visit the NE PEZ Con in Stamford CT and see ALL of the local sights.  Stamford has so much to offer, but a short train ride from the hotel is a little place called New York City.  East of Stamford, there is the PEZ Visitors Center.  We will be posting more links and places for you to visit on your “Pezcation”.

Start planing now for June 22-24, 2017!

Convention registration information has been posted so you can make plans to attend the 19th Annual Northeast PEZ Collectors Gathering (NE PEZ CON) !

NE PEZ CON Reg- Secure online registration NE PEZ CON Registration/Information form

NE PEZ Convention-Latest update

July 27, 2016: Make plans for June 22-24th 2017 to attend the 19th Annual NE PEZ Convention in Stamford CT.  Reg opens Aug 1st….

June 22, 2016: Our NE PEZ Con exclusive dispensers for 2017 are done already! They look great.  Wish we could show you now, but we like to surprise attendees.  Plus, our 2018 20th Anniversary dispensers will be done in the next couple weeks!  Its a pretty exciting time here at PCN! 

Hey, the convention is NOW only 365 days away.  We have to start working on things. 2017 will be a very exciting year, it will be the first time we have the convention in June.  Hopefully more people can make it a family vacation and check out the PEZ Visitors Center while at the convention.  Not to mention NYC is a short train ride from our convention.  Time to start planing to attend the 19th Annual NEPEZCON in 2017! 

Check it out-Updated pictures of our 2016 dispensers-pins :Pictures of our Collectible NE PEZ Con dispensers/logo pins 

[final_countdown id=”Hn4zw2n” width=”300px” height=”150px”]

May 14, 2016: They are now unloaded and we are now starting work on what will be some of our 2017 & 2018 special NEPEZCON dispensers!  Think we have enough?   

PEZ Con dispensers 2017 & 2018

May 5, 2016: The 18th Annual NE PEZ Con is now over.  Work has started already for 2017!  

Make sure to mark the NEW DATES:

JUNE 22-24, 2017 is our 19th Annual

JUNE 21-23, 2018 is our 20th Anniversary Convention……