20th Anniversary NEPEZCON puck dispensers

Starting from the red stem dispenser, that was the regular attend dispenser, white stem is prize variation- 50 made, gold 4, silver 20, yellow 4, tan 4, yellow crystal 30 -prize, blue crystal 50-prize. Not all prize dispensers were given out and will be used as prizes in future.



Important Upcoming NEPEZCon Dates-2018

April 19th- Last day to reserve your Convention Hotel Room and get our group rate!

April 22nd- At 4PM EST we will be listing 6 of our 20th Anniversary NEPEZCON “PEZ Collector Convention Exclusive” dispensers. There were available only for attend registration packages and only one per registration. Not every registrant purchased one.    Some will be used as prizes during the convention.  They will be very hard to find. This might be your only chance to get it.

April 26th- On line convention registration closes. We will be moving to the hotel and will not be able to process registrations. Please see us in room 350 at the hotel to register starting May 2nd.

May 2nd- Hospitality room opens in the hotel.  You can find up in room #350 to pick up your registration packages!